Tattoo Stencils - an easy way to decorate your body

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days and at least one of your friends probably has a tattoo. Thus, a lot of ladies do not want to make permanent ‘usual’ tattoos and prefer to use henna or glitter temporary tattoos. Our temporary tattoo stencils are made exactly for this aim. With our stencils, you can draw yourself a temporary tattoo like an artist in an expensive salon.

Depending on your needs you can pick the necessary image:

  • animals - we have images of horses, butterflies, dolphins, swallows, spiders and many more.
  • cartoon characters - we can help you if you want a Mickey or Minnie Mouse stencil, Angry Birds stencil or Sponge Bob stencil!
  • ornaments and abstraction - these stencils will perfectly suit those which haven’t decided what image they want.
  • romance - you can show everyone you are a tender and sensual person by drawing a heart or Love lettering.

Kids love our stencils!

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Drawing a tattoo has never been so easy!

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buy temporary tattoo stencils Kit #1 Spring
Kit #1 Spring
buy temporary tattoo stencils Kit #1 Spring

Kit #1 Spring

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