Glitter Temporary Tattoo Stencils Kits

What Are Glitter Tattoos?

These temporary tattoos are exactly what they sound like they would be - tattoos made of glitter. These tattoos are some of the most beautiful, noticeable, and glitzy temporary tattoos available, and they are sure to get you noticed. They are easily made from glitter and glue and can be drawn freely by hand or - more commonly - made with stencils.

Because they are made with special glitter and a particular type of glue, they are hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. People of all races and ages can use these stunning temporary tattoos to adorn themselves, no matter how light or dark their skin tone is.

Both the glitter and the glue are high quality and long lasting, which means your temporary tattoo will look fresh and beautiful for up to two weeks. However, the tattoos can also be easily cleaned off with alcohol or alcohol swabs if you need to get rid of your tattoo before that length of time.

Why Choose Glitter Tattoos?

These gorgeous tattoos are vivid, and no matter what color of glitter you choose to use, when the light hits these designs, the tattoos sparkle like gemstones.

The glitter comes in all colors of the rainbow, including red, pinks, green, white, blue, silver, black, purple, and yellow, so no matter your skin tone, there is definitely a glittery masterpiece that is right for you. Silver, black, and light blue glitter choices look gorgeous against lighter skin tones, while red, yellow, and white are simply stunning on people with darker skin tones.

As mentioned above, both the glitter and the glue are hypoallergenic, which means these tattoos will not leave you with an icky skin irritation or painful rash after use. They are safe for people of all ages, and if you decide to get rid of your new tattoo before it fades naturally, it can be easily removed with alcohol or alcohol swabs.

Furthermore, these vibrant looks are incredibly easy to achieve. If you aren't a natural artist, THAT'S OKAY! These glitter tattoo kits come with everything you need to design yourself a gorgeous, glittery, temporary tattoo. They include the several different colors of glitter, the special hypoallergenic glue, and specially cut glitter tattoo stencils.

The types and styles of glitter tattoo stencils will vary greatly dependent entirely upon which of the glitter tattoo kits you decide to purchase. There are butterfly themed kits for those of us who just can't get enough of our beautiful winged friends, floral kits for those who are more into flowers, cartoon kits for the young (or the young at heart!), and many, many more. Some of the other stencil kits include:

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Stencils
  • The Infinity Kit
  • Fruits and Candy Stencils
  • Words and Letters
  • Superhero Stencils
  • The Christmas Kit

There are three layers to each stencil - the base layer, the adhesive stencil itself, and the covering. They are very simple to use, as well. Once you decide where on your body you want to place the tattoo, simply clean that area with warm water and soap. Once the area is cleaned and dried thoroughly, you simply stick the stencil against your skin, cover the area with the hypoallergenic glue, and pour on your glitter.

For more elaborate stencils which will require more than one color of glitter, you will simply do the glue in one section, then glitter, then do the glue in the next section and glitter, and repeat until done. Another great thing about these stencils is that, with them, even the most elaborate of tattoos takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to apply, which makes them convenient for just about any event.

The numerous different types of stencils and the vast assortment of different colored glitter means that glitter tattoos are incredibly versatile. You can wear them for all different types of events. You can choose subtler, more understated tattoos for milder events such as dinner with the family and brighter, more vivid and elaborate tattoos for more exciting events like a night spent dancing at the club. Perhaps more importantly, these kits are affordable! They come in very reasonable prices, which means these tattoos are a relatively inexpensive way to come up with a new look for every new event you attend.

Finally, they look great in either the daytime or at night. During the day, the sun reflects off the glitter making the tattoo shine and sparkle. At night, they catch every tiny spec of light that shines on them, making your tattoos - and more importantly, YOU - the center of attention in any room.

Who Can Wear These Types of Tattoos?

The beauty of these tattoos is that they can be worn by literally anyone. Recently, they have become quite popular for brides and their wedding parties, and yet, they are also a hit at birthday parties. This is because of the wide variety of stencils available, not to mention what you can do by freehand drawing these tattoos. The possibilities are literally limitless. For more youthful tattoos, you can use the cartoon stencils or the cute little butterflies. For adults, the more elegant designs, such as the infinity loops and the elaborate floral designs, might be more preferable.

There are even stencils available for boys and men, such as Star Wars stencils, super hero stencils, and skull stencils!

Because the glue and glitter are both safe, there are no restrictions on who can wear these tattoos. They can be worn by people of all ages, and they will not have any adverse effects on people with certain health conditions. And, of course, as has already been mentioned, they look great at any event and against any skin tone!

So, if you have a special occasion coming up - a birthday, your wedding, or simply a vacation to the beach - think about giving our glitter tattoo kits a try. I guarantee you they will look stunning with whatever you are wearing!