Kit #11 Skulls and crosses

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Kit #11 Skulls and crosses
Kit #11 Skulls and crosses

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" Skulls and Crosses" set, 9 pieces.

Great bio tattoo set that includes all the necessary materials:

  • bio tattoo stencils (6x6 cm) - 6 pcs;
  • bio tattoo stencils (20x9 cm) - 1 pc;
  • bio tattoo stencil (15x15 cm) - 2 pcs.

All stencils are made of a high-quality German ORACAL. Each stencil size is 6x6 cm.

We are the direct manufacturer of bio-tattoo stencils. Every stencil, every work is done with love.

See the video below for a short video tutorial on how to draw a glitter tattoo using our stencils.

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